Terms & Conditions

Please kindly read these terms and conditions carefully. It is necessary important for customers to comprehend and agree with the following terms and conditions when booking services on www.HalongContinentalSails.com or www.CruiseHalongVietnam.com


Customers can purchase all the services of cruises and other services directly with Halong Continental Sails at: res@halongcontinentalsails.com


All the rates available on our website are quoted in USD currency. The rate is applied for certain periods of time which are informed in each price list on our website. If your trip is not in those periods, please contact with us for a specific price list. In addition, with the program designed and priced according to your individual requirement, the price will be applied at the time you receive specific program and the invoice from us.
We commit to sell at the exact price that we listed. If the price of the product increases because of the market or other reasons, we will still keep the price at the level as agreed in your travel program with the same service quality.


We accept different methods of payment as below:

1. Bank transfer
2. Payment by Credit Card with Authorization letter
3. Payment by Western Union Services
4. Payment by Cash, Credit Card - (Applied if you are in Vietnam)

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In order to confirm the booking request, customers are required to make a deposit of:

_ $US 100 if the total payment is under $US 500
_ $US 200 if the total payment is from $US 500 to $US 1000
_ 30% of the total payment that is higher than $US 1000

All cancellation must be informed in writing to info@halongcontinentalsails.com or fax to +84-4- 3710-1307. The date of cancellation will be the date on which we receive your notification of your wish to do so. Cancellation will be charged as follow:

• More than 15 days prior to trip departure: No cancellation charge.
• 7-14 days before arrival: 50% on total charge
• Within 1-6 days before arrival: 100% on total charge
• No-Show: 100% on total charge.


For your convenience, the balance will be settled at our office in Hanoi following address at: 30/310 Nghi Tam Road, Tay Ho District, Hanoi, Vietnam or at your hotel by either Cash or Credit Card. Before departure, our officer will meet you at your hotel to help you with any problems that you have. 


Voucher will be issued by Halong Continental Sails after the booked trip is confirmed and deposit is completed. A cruise voucher will be sent by email/fax to passenger.


Halong Continental Sails is obliged to fulfill the programs that have been confirmed by the customers. Our responsibility is to make a wholehearted effort to ensure the service quality in each travel program. In addition to such fundamental targets, Halong Continental Sails hopes to bring to our customers exciting travel programs of experiencing the rich culture, history and customs of the nation of Vietnam.
Due to various reasons, there may be changes in the means of transportation (airline, train or other means), which would affect your trip. If such situations happen, Halong Continental Sails will try the best to rearrange the programs to suit the particular circumstances.
Halong Continental Sails is not responsible for any loss in the case of a political instability, natural disasters or wars. When necessary, Halong Continental Sails can change or stop the travel schedule for the safety of customers.

Customers must self-preserve their luggage, especially when having valuable belongings.  always try the best to guarantee customers the maximum safety of their luggage. In case you customers lose your belongings in the hotel, on the means transport, or during your free time, Halong Continental Sails will make every effort to seek the missing stuffs for you. We have no responsibility for compensating or purchasing those stuffs for customers.

Travel insurance is not included in the price of our travel program. This is the responsibility of customers to prepare before having a travel. Before the trip, you travelers should contact your insurance company for details.


All clients must be in possession of a valid passport and necessary visas or permits at the commencement of travel. All such documentation is the sole responsibility of the client. Your travel advisor may assist you in applying for the necessary travel documentation upon request Halong Continental Sails accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the failure of clients to obtain appropriate documentation.


During the trip, if you feel dissatisfied with any services provided by Halong Continental Sails, please immediately notify the local guide or the tour operator so that we have immediate solutions in the following days.

In case of having any complaints or claims for compensation, you must immediately notify us in writing via email within 15 days from the end of tour. If there are any faults by Halong Continental Sails, we will take the entire responsibility and compensate for you after one week.

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