Cong Do area

Covering an area of nearly 23.4 square kilometers, Cong Do Island is a great work created by the Mother Nature with a large number of concentrated coral reefs, underground lakes inside karst mountains, underwater caves, and large beaches.

Notably, the coral reef ecosystem here is extremely outstanding with more than 700 meters in length and 300 meters in width and there are many rare species of coral, for example, red coral. Especially, a wide coral reef on the southwestern of Cong Do Island displays a myriad of colors. For that reason, there is a plan to develop this area to become an impressive zone for scuba-diving and snorkeling. Besides, having many lagoons, Cong Do is also a home of many sea-life species such as squid, fish, shrimp, crab, and so on.

Cong Do is an ideal place for swimming thanks to its many beautiful beaches with emerald waters and white sandy banks like Tra Gioi Beach, Cay Bang Beach, Cat Oan Beach…In addition, travelers can enjoy trekking up to the hill and admire the panoramic view at the top of the hill. Hidden lagoons and airy space also make the area more ideal for kayaking.

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