Ho Ba Ham Islets

Ho Ba Ham, or Ba Ham Lake, is located to the southwest of Halong Bay. It belongs to Dau Be Island, Lan Ha Bay.

Ho Ba Ham today still retains it mysterious and unspoiled beauty thanks to its hidden location which make access quite difficult. The only way to explore this amazing attraction is by kayaking or boat rowing. In addition, only during low tides, a kayak or boat can be threaded through the cave to the lake. Surrounded by cliffs, Ho Ba Ham is completely quiet space where you can listen to the sound of whispering waves and birdsongs. Rowing or kayaking through dark caves, you can see beautiful stalactites hanging down in clusters with many strange shapes.

Ho Ba Ham is also famed for its ecological diversity. On the limestone cliffs surrounding the lake, visitors can see a green color of the tropical vegetation which is rich in species. Notably, Ho Ba Ham is a birthplace of three endemic plant species of Halong Bay including Halong Cycad (Cycas tropophylla), Halong palm tree, and Halong Paplliopedilum with yellow color. Besides, don’t be surprised if you catch sight of monkeys, squirrels or rare birds because this has been the place they call home for years.

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